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Macs USA tie downs & hardware

Macs Load Restraint Systems include 3 specific areas:

  1. Trailer or pickup bed hardware-from tracks, connectors, D Rings and backing plates
  2. Load restraints from MACS USA-ratchet tie down packs for all applications
Tie-Downs 101
This video was taken at a recent Easter Jeep Safari in Utah, USA and has some good basic info on how to tie down a vehicle.

Proper Tie Down Use

The best ratchet handle in the world is useless with less than two wraps around the mandrel. This video shows one of Mac's ratchet handles, and counts out six full cranks to equal two full wraps - getting a mechanical lock. If you get less, the ratchet may seem tight when you set it up, but down the road it may vibrate loose.

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