KBS 3100 Rustblast Water Based Rust Remover Powder 1KG
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KBS 3100 Rustblast Water Based Rust Remover Powder 1KG

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KBS 3100 Rustblast Water Based Rust Remover Powder 1KG
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RustBlast Powder is a completely soluble, crystalline-granular product that, when dissolved in water, produces a safe, powerful and reusable soak solution for removing corrosion from ferrous metal surfaces.
RustBlast Powder uses selective chelation; a non-destructive chemical process which separates iron oxides and hydroxides - also known as rust - from the base metal. Unlike acidic rust removers, RustBlast Powder will not damage the substrate metal.
RustBlast Powder is also an ideal pre-treatment process prior to the KBS Fuel Tank Sealant Kit, especially for           extremely rusted fuel tanks.

RustBlast Powder Features:
Will safely remove light to heavy rust from metal surfaces. Will not affect plastic, PVC, viton and most paints. Will not harm unrusted metal.
- fast, efficient and complete rust removal action
- easy and safe to use
- will not harm non-rusted metal
- ideal for intricate and complex parts – will penetrate into crevices for complete corrosion removal
- ideal for delicate parts - will not harm or distort substrate
- reusable and biodegradeable
- non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable (no fumes, no bad odours, no VOCs)
- will not harm glass, rubber, plastics, aluminium, paint or chrome

How to use RustBlast Powder:
Dissolve 1kg of RustBlast Powder in 19L of water. Use warm to hot tap water to speed the solubilisation process. If a smaller volume of soak solution is required a 5% solution by weight is recommended (1 part RustBlast Powder to 19 parts water).

For most applications, a 5% solution is sufficient but higher concentrations may be used for heavy corrosion.

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